Welcome to the kerstiens.name family Webpage


Welcome to kerstiens.name


My name is Carl-Philipp Kerstiens and I live in Germany / Europe. I own this Website and I make a special offer to all the people around the world with the family name "KERSTIENS".

You can get your own eMail-Forward-Adress with yourname@kerstiens.name for free. Please write me an eMail and tell me some Information about yourself and your family.

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Some Information about your eMail-Adress @kerstiens.name

Personalized... it's all about You... pick your first, middle, last or nick-name, pseudonym, alias, or something you are commonly known as! The possibilities are enormous!

Portable... your kerstiens.name eMail-address works with any email or web service. With my automatic forwarding service on domain, you can change email accounts, your ISP, or your job without changing your email address. Any mail sent to yourname@kerstiens.name address arrives in any email box you choose.

Permanent... with a .name address you own your identity online. It's simple and easy to remember.


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